Dwell Time Improvement Using Dream Feeding Strategy

Most people spent too much time optimising their website, but one aspect of SEO is mostly ignored – the “Dwell Time.” This aspect of SEO is crucial if you want to rank in search engines and skyrocket your business to the next level.

What is Dwell Time?

Dwell Time is the duration of time between when a visitor clicks a search result and returns to the same search page. This time interval is a metric that informs search engines how effectively you’re able to satisfy the needs of your visitors.

A good indicator to determine the dwell time of your site is “bounce rate.” This is the percentage of people who leave your site after visiting a page. So, how would you increase dwell time?

The Dream Feeding Strategy

Dream feeding is the process of feeding a sleeping infant to encourage the baby to keep sleeping. One of the main aspects of dream feeding is to concentrate on your child’s needs early. Create easy-to-follow custom feeding plans for better sleep and with time, the infant becomes familiar with it and sleeps better.

The Implication on Dwell Time

Concentrate on User Needs: It is essential to focus on the needs of your visitors rather than trying to please search engines. Google and other search engines only have interest in visitors’ experience when they visit your web page. And the time each visitor spent is crucial to them.

So, what areas do you need to concentrate on to satisfy your user needs?

* Understand what users in your niche want

* Write long, detailed content that offers solutions

* Target the right keywords

* Update your content regularly

* Respond to comments and questions

When you have properly attended to these needs, users’ dwell time will immensely improve.