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Help Finding Tradesmen and Businesses

We strive to supply the public with valuable help and assistance in finding reputable businesses and tradesmen. They will carry out work to a good standard and fulfill the customer's expectations and act in a professional manor.

Feedback and Reviews

Please do not hesitate to give us Feedback, Reviews or Testimonials regarding your experiences with members of the CBT. This enables reputable businesses to be recognised and rewarded as well as bringing to our attention any business that allow their standards fall below that required by CBT membership. The CBT Directory offers you the opportunity to browse and contact members in your area.

High Standards

We at the CBT take a serious responsible outlook on maintaining high level of standards within our membership. The consumer must feel safe when dealing with a business and if you feel that any member of the CBT has acted in an inappropriate business manner we urge you to let us know. The Confederation of Businesses and Traders will then look into the matter and be able to act accordingly.

Please Note: All complaints must be submitted to The CBT in writing.

The Confederation of Businesses and Traders has no judicial powers. We do not offer independent arbitration we do however have the power to suspend and withdraw membership if a complaint is upheld. The CBT will not represent, or enter into, any representation on behalf of a member or complainant whether they are going through, or wish to go through any legal process of any kind or act as a representative on their behalf during legal proceedings.
Where legal advice is required, we can forward the case to any one of our recommended legal representatives however, we do not take any responsibility for work undertaken by the organisation that has been referred to you by The CBT. All members have the option to use another legal representative if they so wish.

Complaints Procedure

In the unlikely event that a CBT member faces a serious complaint from either a trader or a member of the public, the complainant may inform the CBT. Should this situation arise, the CBT will assess the complaint in an endeavour to decide whether the complaint has an effect on membership. Should three complaints of this nature be received the member could face suspension and subsequently have their membership withdrawn. To assist with the CBT's regulatory process consumers can download a complaints form here.

Please Note: All complaints must be submitted to The CBT in writing:

CBT Consumers Complaints Dept. Orchard House 15 Turp Avenue Grays, Essex RM16 2SH

Suspension Procedure

Should any member of the CBT be found to be not adhering and upholding the general principles of the CBT then their suitability for membership will be passed for further review. If it is decided that suspension from the CBT appropriate then it will take place within 24 hours of that decision. If  however there have been no previous complaints then an official warning will be given to the company concerned.
Should a company have their membership terminated due to repeated complaints, they have the option to re-apply for membership after a three year period in order to be reinstated. The decision to reinstate a former member will be the sole responsibility of the CBT.

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  • Safeclean Cheadle
  • Interior Decorating Services
  • Wooded Hill for Flooring
  • Small Monsters Soft Play, Corringham, Essex
  • Lauriston Accountancy and Financial Services
  • Stanley Goldman Solicitors

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